OIS Security Bytes – Project SIR

The Sensitive Information Remediation Project, better known as Project SIR, is a campus-wide initiative with the purpose to scan, find, delete and/or secure sensitive information. OIS in conjunction with ITS is working with the entire School of Medicine community to provide the tools, procedures and reporting necessary to help data owners discover all of the sensitive information that they may have and to provide options to secure such information.

OIS Security Bytes – Project SIR click to enlarge Do you know what Sensitive Information is stored on your computer?
OIS Security Bytes – Project SIR click to enlarge Project SIR: A University-wide Initiative

Identity Finder


What We Are Doing:

UNC has chosen Identity Finder as the tool we will use to scan and remediate sensitive data on our systems.

OIS will be installing Identity Finder on all School of Medicine machines that are a) Windows and b) joined to UNC’s AD domain.

Our primary goal is to get the software (Identity Finder) installed with as little interruption as possible to your work flow. If you have any problems regarding the installation (you may notice the Identity Finder Icon on your system (blue background, white dog as above)), please contact your local IT Support or http://help.med.unc.edu.

We appreciate your assistance with this University-wide undertaking.


What You Need To Do:

Nothing yet.

A formal letter announcing the initiative will arrive shortly via email, followed by an email with instructions on scanning and remediating the data on your local device.


What will Identity Finder Find?

School of Medicine IF scans will look to identify files that contain the following:

  • MRNs
  • SSNs
  • Passport Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers


For more information as well as a video on basic Identity Finder usage, please see the link below.