Student-led event celebrates diversity

On Oct. 7, UNC School of Medicine students and faculty gathered in the Medical Biomolecular Research Building for Doctors for Diversity, an event aimed at discussing and celebrating the importance of diversity in medical training and patient care.

Student-led event celebrates diversity click to enlarge UNC SOM students and representatives from the Faculty Pipeline Initiative and Office of Special Programs after the event

The student-organized event was co-sponsored by the School of Medicine and the Whitehead Medical Society.

Students from various backgrounds presented “student reflections,” which ranged from speeches to poetry and spoken word.

“With this event, we really want to bring the word ‘diversity’ to life, and bring a face and a name to that word,” Courtney Lee, vice president of Diversity and Campus Affairs for the Whitehead Medical Society, told The Daily Tar Heel. “We’re trying to bring a creative interpretation to the meaning of diversity.”

Read more about the event in this article from The Daily Tar Heel.

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