Announcing the ACGME CLER Visit – April 19-21

The CLER (Clinical Learning Environment Review) visit is a critical aspect of our accreditation as an institutional sponsor for all of our Graduate Medical Education programs at UNC Hospitals.

There are six focus areas for this review, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Supervision, Transitions of Care, Duty Hours and Fatigue Mitigation, and Professionalism. 

We will host a three person team from the ACGME, who during their three day visit, will meet with multiple groups of our institutional leaders, program directors, teaching faculty, and residents.  They will also conduct walk rounds to various locations in our hospital and clinics, interview people they meet on those walk rounds, and sit in on Care Transition events on multiple clinical service teams.

Please welcome our colleagues from the ACGME. This process is an important part of our overall improvement efforts that ultimately benefit our patients as well as all who are learning, training, and contributing to the vital missions of UNC Hospitals and the UNC Health Care System. The CLER site visit team will wear ACGME ID badges and will be escorted by resident physicians.