Seeking nominations for Conflict of Interest Committee Chair

The Dean's Office invites recommendations and nominations for the chair of the School of Medicine Conflict of Interest Committee.

The School of Medicine's Conflict of Interest Committee (COI) is one of five standing individual COI committees on campus that work with the University’s Conflict of Interest Program to ensure that SOM faculty are educated and comply with University and BOG Policies concerning individual conflict of interest and commitment.

At the School of Medicine, the committee is composed of 10-12 members from departments across the school, representing both basic biomedical and clinical research expertise. The committee is overseen by the chair and the director of the SOM Office of Research serves as co-chair, providing administrative assistance to the chair and the committee, and as a point of contact for COI in the SOM.  Additional ad hoc members from the COI Program, the Office of University Counsel, and the SOM Office of Research contribute to the committee structure. 

The chairs of the SOM COI act as reviewers in conjunction with the COI Program to review research related COI disclosures for sponsored projects and/or human subjects.  The committee meets monthly to discuss cases that have been forwarded by the SOM committee chairs and COI program for full committee review.  The committee discusses and advises on standards that may impact COI management.  Each committee member also serves as a member on several monitoring committees that convene annually as part of the COI management of faculty with IP and equity interests.  Non-committee faculty from the SOM also serve on these monitoring committees.  Reports from the monitoring committees are also discussed at the committee meetings.

The chair of the committee is appointed for a 5-year renewable term and reports directly to the executive dean or his designee, the vice dean for research.  The chair will also work in conjunction with the Conflict of Interest Program, which oversees COI across the University.

The chair of the committee must be a full professor with tenure and clinical knowledge and clinical research experience is highly desired.  The position is eligible for 10 percent salary support (based on NIH salary cap as applicable).

SOM COI Committee Chair Responsibilities:

  • Perform expedited reviews of individual COI disclosures that are processed daily by the COI Program.  For FY15, on average this work consisted of 10 reviews/week in the SOM that are completed by email by the chair and co-chair.
  • Attend designated annual monitoring meetings for faculty under COI management for their IP and equity interests.  Currently, there are about 32 monitoring committees covering 53 faculty in the SOM.  The chair, like all committee members, attends a subset of the meetings; the co-chair attends all the meetings.
  • Participate in ad hoc “retrospective” reviews as needed under University policy.
  • Meet with faculty who require additional COI guidance as needed.
  • Chair monthly committee meetings.
  • Meet quarterly with chairs of the other COI campus committees.

Nomination letters or cover letters from interested faculty together with a CV (SOM format) may be sent by email to Jennifer Brennan ().  Nominations will be considered until 5 p.m. on Friday, April 22, 2016.

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