UNC Department of Radiology 4th Quarter 2015: Highlights & honors

Take a look at some of departmental highlights and honors October - December 2015.

UNC Department of Radiology 4th Quarter 2015: Highlights & honors click to enlarge Contract & Grants Manager Paul Marini and other Department members made new friends at NC Children's Hospital during a holiday visit in December
UNC Department of Radiology 4th Quarter 2015: Highlights & honors click to enlarge Adjunct Professor Dr. A. Everette James, Jr. received the 2015 North Carolina Award for Fine Arts in November 2015


October 2015 -- Department of Radiology Research Associate Professor and Biomedical Imaging Research Center (BRIC)-Small Animal Imaging (SAI) Facility Director Hong Yuan, PhD, oversaw the BRIC-hosted facility’s “Small Animal Imaging Symposium” on October 22nd. The symposium was a one-day event that included invited speaker scientific presentations, imaging industry vendor exhibitions, student poster competitions, and imaging lab demonstration using different imaging modalities in the SAI facility. 

November 2015 ­- Department of Radiology Adjunct Professor Dr. A. Everette James Jr. received the 2015 North Carolina Award for Fine Arts on November 12th.  Established by the General Assembly in 1961, this award is one of the highest civilian honors bestowed annually by the State of North Carolina. It recognizes significant contributions to the state and nation in the fields of fine art, literature, public service and science. You can watch a video of the presentation here.

December 2015 – Members of UNC Radiology’s Business Office greatly enjoyed visiting the North Carolina Children’s Hospital play atrium in mid-December to host some ornament-making and face-painting for the kids. Department employees made some new “little person” friends while there, and the Carolina Hurricanes even showed up!


Wui Chong, MD, was recognized as a “Distinguished Reviewer” in the October 2015 issue of Abdominal Radiology.

Lynn Fordham, MD, was appointed to the Pediatric Radiology Subcommittee of the Scientific Program Committee of the Radiologic Society of North America for a three-year term in October 2015.

Lynn Fordham, MD, was appointed Operations Committee Vice-Chairperson to the American College of Radiology (ACR)’s Patient- and Family-Centered Care Commission in October 2015.

Cherie Kuzmiak, DO, was named to the North Carolina Division of Public Health Cancer Prevention and Control Branch’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) in November 2015. In this role, Kuzmiak and other committee members will review and approve BCCCP’s screening and diagnostic guidelines as part of the MAC’s efforts to ensure they are consistent with CDC requirements and adapted to meet regional standards and resources.


Wui Chong, MD, presented “Scrotal Ultrasound” at the North Carolina Ultrasound Fall Symposium at the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education in October 2015 in Chapel Hill, NC.

Wui Chong, MD, presented “Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound” as a invited Radiology Grand Rounds lecturer at the Baptist Hospital Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute in December 2015 in Miami, FL.

Wui Chong, MD, presented “Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound for renal mass characterization: comparison of Low MI Time-intensity curves and Destruction Reperfusion techniques” at the at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)’s 101th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, Nov. 29 - Dec. 4, 2015.

Lynn Fordham, MD, co-authored a joint UNC/North Carolina State University scientific exhibition – “Repeatability of Fiducial Markers to Define a Joint Coordinate System Using 7T MRI” – presented at the Biomedical Engineering Society’s Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL, in October 2015 (Authors: Cone, S, Rennard, T Fordham L, Fisher M).


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