UNC seeks applicants for Academic Affairs Faculty Fellowship Program

The UNC System's Division of Academic Affairs invites proposals for the second year of the Academic Affairs Faculty Fellowship Program. Applications should be submitted to the Office of the Provost no later than June 20.

The purpose of this fellowship is to engage interested faculty members in academic affairs issues and mentored learning opportunities, and to recruit committed faculty with expertise that can help promote the effectiveness of UNC General Administration and the University's constituent institutions.

Full details on the program are available here.

Interested faculty should submit an application through the Office of Provost. Application packets should include:

• Recent CV

• Letter of interest (no more than 2 pages)

• Short and long term career goals, and how this fellowship would enhance those (no more than 1 page)

• Identification of potential activities, to include brief description of proposed project and qualifications

• Please send to Stephanie Thurman at sthurman@email.unc.edu

• Due date: June 20, 2016

• Notice of selection on or before September 1, 2016

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