Students share insights at "What I Learned In Med School" speech competition

At the fourth annual event, speakers representing each advisory college shared lessons learned during their time in medical school. Speakers spanned from first to fourth year students and speeches also ranged from humorous to poignant.

In the end, a panel of judges declared fourth-year student Addie Bardolph the winner.

See pictures and read pearls of wisdom from all speakers.

Addie B

"Schedule time for yourself. Take a night off to have a pizza. Sleep late every now and then. Cut yourself a little slack and give yourself permission to be a little less than perfect."

- Addie Bardolph, MS-4

Minali Nigam

"Medicine is a team sport and as a first-year student, I'm a bench warmer. But, my time as a bench warmer won't last much longer and I'm so excited to be a part of this great team."

- Minali Nigam, MS-1

Kunal Patel

"Everyone that you interact with on a daily basis has lived a beautiful, intricate life. We just have to learn to ask the right questions."

- Kunal Patel, MS-1

Christine Jackson

"Every day you may not be the best version of yourself. That’s ok. Understand that everyone has finite resources."

- Christine Jackson, MS-3

Patrick Snyder

"You can't help but smile as you belt out the lyrics to Frozen with your 5-year-old patient. There is inescapable joy in the first time you deliver a baby, and every time thereafter. And that nothing compares to the nod of approval your surgery attending gives you when you Goldilocks the end of the case by finally cutting that suture not too long and not too short."

- Patrick Snyder, MS-3

Robert Wiggins

"We all come to medical school saying we want to help people, but that's obviously not a quick or easy thing. What I've learned in medical school is that it's all about helping put the pieces back together."

- Robert Wiggins, MS-4

All photos by first-year medical student Ying Ao.

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