Celeste Lee, Advocate on Patient Engagement, Shares her Message in New Podcast

In this special episode of the Chair's Corner podcast, Ron Falk, MD, speaks with Celeste Lee, a woman he calls an "astonishing leader and ferocious advocate for patient engagement." Celeste is joined in the conversation by her husband, Daniel Lee, PhD.

Celeste Lee, Advocate on Patient Engagement, Shares her Message in New Podcast click to enlarge Photo of Celeste and Daniel Lee, PhD by Rochelle Moser
"The hardest part about any of these illnesses is the isolation and the loneliness. No matter what disease you’re being diagnosed with, I would say that is the largest obstacle.

"The only way we can really work with that isolation and loneliness is to partner with our doctors, with our health care team, and more importantly to learn how to manage and know our disease and help others learn how to manage it... That’s what I would tell my 17-year-old self. I’d say: Learn, do as much as you can, talk with your doctors, and do as much as you can to reach out to help other people."

- Celeste Lee 

The discussion focuses on caregiving and the importance of patient engagement in the health system. Celeste's work in patient engagement spans the University of Michigan, the Kidney Health Initiative, and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), and she draws on her own experience as a patient with vasculitis, which she also relates here. Dr. Daniel Lee is a Professor and Chair of Health Policy and Management for the Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Topics include:

  • What patient engagement is, and what it means to Celeste Lee
  • Advice to patients to become advocates for themselves
  • If the patient is the driver, how to help physicians know that they are passengers
  • Advice Celeste would have given her 17-year-old self
  • The ups and downs of being a caregiver
  • Educating providers in this engagement approach
  • How to convince patients to want to be peer advisors
  • How to design a health system that includes patient engagement
  • How Celeste's work has helped her in life

Listen to the podcast on the Department of Medicine web site

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