Reminder: Enroll in Well-Being Index

In December, the UNC School of Medicine launched the Well-Being Index, a tool developed by researchers at the Mayo Clinic to track wellness. Since its launch, nearly 1000 UNC School of Medicine users have registered. If you have not yet done so, please take a few minutes to register before February 1. The success of this initiative depends on your participation.

This brief, online tool is 100% anonymous and evaluates multiple dimensions of distress (fatigue, depression, burnout, anxiety/stress, and mental/physical quality of life) among medical and other high-stress professionals. 

The Well-Being Index is designed to:

1)     Encourage self-awareness of well being among each individual and give access to resources when individuals need them the most

2)     Evaluate individual well being and give immediate and confidential feedback based upon individual responses

3)     Allow on both an individual and institution basis, the ability to track and report overall experience compared to the national average.

These data will also be compiled anonymously, and used to inform the design of future interventions and other structural changes to address the challenges to well-being we all encounter on a daily basis.

The tool is available to attending physicians, resident physicians, medical students, non-clinician scientists, and graduate students.

If you have already registered, thank you! The tool gives you the option of doing multiple ratings per year. Everyone is encouraged to do this as a way to track stress over time and proactively work to stay well.