Call for Applicants: Mindful Opportunity to Reflect on Experience

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development is excited to announce the Mindful Opportunity to Reflect on Experience (MORE) program for interested faculty and residents starting this April. MORE is a free self-awareness and self-care training program that consists of eight weekly, two-hour group sessions for up to ten UNC faculty and residents who have personal, academic and clinical interests in wellness.

Mind-body approaches - including relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, physical exercise, art, music and movement - are among the best known and most widely used of the complementary, alternative, or integrative approaches to healthcare. These approaches are particularly important in another way. By their nature they put high value on, and teach the power of, self-awareness and self-care. Learning about mind-body medicine is consistent with an integrative model of health care where treatment is balanced with teaching, and prevention and self-care are given as much respect as procedures and pharmacological interventions.

In order for providers to understand the potential of mind-body approaches, as well as apply them in clinical practice, they should experience these approaches themselves. It is not enough to hear about mind-body medicine and to read and comprehend the scientific basis for its efficacy. Rather, for faculty and residents to appreciate their patients', and their own, capacities for self-awareness and self-care, they should experience and realize their abilities.

To that end, MORE, supported by the UNC SOM and UNC Health Care as one of the Wellness Initiatives related to UNC’s adoption of the Quadruple Aim, takes faculty and resident physicians through a series of exercises used to promote overall wellbeing, stress management, empathy, self-awareness and self-care.


  • Jonny Gerkin, MD, Department of Psychiatry
  • Amy Weil, MD, Department of Internal Medicine

Basic session structure:

  • Creation of a safe environment
  • Check-in (sharing of new reflections and insights)
  • Introduction of a new mind-body medicine skill
  • Process the experiential exercise (sharing insights)


  • April & May, 8 weeks, likely Thursdays 3:30-5:30 pm (alternative dates and times will be considered based upon availability of applicants)
  • Location TBD


  • Interested participants should draft a one page essay that describes themselves, their work and the reason they are interested in the training as well as how they might utilize the training moving forward. Please send essays to , Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development.
  • Desire to become facilitator and train others.
  • Ability to attend six of the eight sessions, at a minimum.
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