New Podcast offers patient perspective on living with autoimmune disease

In the 11th episode of "Autoimmune Disease: Piece of the Picture," Ron Falk, MD, interviews a patient who tells her experience of developing autoimmune disease symptoms that fit the description of an autoimmune disease process but is unable to receive a clear-cut diagnosis.

“When I started having symptoms, I just made up an explanation in my mind for what was happening instead of thinking that I had a disease. I definitely didn’t think that it would be a long-term condition that I would have to deal with. I think that the fact that the doctors couldn’t tell what was wrong right away, made me doubt my own observations of myself.”

Topics include:

  • An ordinarily healthy person who suddenly develops symptoms
  • An unclear picture & feelings of doubt
  • Dealing with fatigue & unpredictability
  • Not being able to name your disease, and information on the web
  • Positive parting thoughts to others who may be in a similar situation

Visit the Department of Medicine web site to listen or to access the written transcript, and to check out previous episodes. You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Next week's episode will be the final episode in this series and will focus on coping strategies for people who have an autoimmune disease and will feature Delesha Carpenter, PhD, MSPH

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