The opportunity to shape the future health of women

The Center for Women’s Health Research and UNC Research are leading a coordinated effort to gather feedback that will drive the NIH’s strategic plan for women’s health research.

The opportunity to shape the future health of women click to enlarge UNC has the opportunity to make a large impact on the future health of women by providing feedback on the NIH's Office of Research on Women's Health's strategic plan. A summary site has been established to make this endeavor more user-friendly.

Scientists, advocacy groups, and patient communities across UNC have the opportunity to drive research, funding, and policy on women’s health research across the country by visiting the UNC Response to ORWH’s RFI website by Nov. 9.

The site is a coordinated effort between the Center for Women’s Health Research (CWHR), UNC Research, and the Office of Research Development to coordinate feedback on the recently released request for information (RFI) by the NIH’s Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH). Responses will inform the agency’s next Trans-NIH Strategic Plan for Women’s Health Research.

While ORWH is seeking feedback on three identified themes, they are also open to ‘audacious ideas’.

“Think big!” recommends Dr. Wendy Brewster, CWHR director. “Use your expertise across the sciences, technology, business, etc. to directly influence the direction of the NIH as it pertains to the health of women. This is a great opportunity for our community to make a large impact.“

Respondents may visit the UNC Response to ORWH’s RFI website to view a summary of the RFI, and submit their thoughts on the provided form. CWHR will then submit all entries on the behalf of UNC. A summary report of the university’s feedback is planned for mid-November.

CWHR closely follows the strategic plan of ORWH to ensure the university and state’s research communities are part of the national dialogue on women’s health research. CWHR provides guidance and research administration support for projects that address diseases, disorders, and conditions that affect women only, women predominately, and women differently than men.

UNC Research and the Office of Research Development supports CWHR as part of their mission to expand UNC’s capacity for innovative, groundbreaking research by engaging with faculty to promote and support research focused on innovative, cross-disciplinary and transformative efforts.

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