UNC School of Medicine Strategic Plan Update

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to read through the updated strategic priorities.

As you may know, the School of Medicine is undergoing a strategic planning process.  In our first phase, we identified several priority focus areas from data collected in faculty surveys, individual interviews, and group discussions. With input from faculty, staff, and students the Strategic Plan Oversight Committee, along with Vice Deans, further developed these focus areas into strategic priorities and initiatives. Now we are excited to announce our move into the second phase of strategic planning – implementation. Many of these initiatives have working groups which are creating detailed implementation plans.

We hope that you continue to be engaged with the strategic planning process, and look forward to continuing to update you. For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Strategic Plan please email cfulbrig@med.unc.edu.


Julie Byerley, MD, MPH

Blossom Damania, PhD

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