90 Seconds With...Michael Sledge, Chief Financial Officer, UNC School of Medicine

In this episode of '90 Seconds With...' we catch up with Michael Sledge, Chief Financial Officer for the UNC School of Medicine, to learn more about the School of Medicine's Finance Office.

View a written transcript of the video below:

Q: What role does the Finance Office play in helping to advance the School of Medicine’s reputation as being a leading institution?

A: One of the things that I think comes with being a leading institution is to have a sustainable financial model, because we're going to have to continue to do that to continue to be a leader so that comes to top of mind.

Secondly, we often provide information to different constituencies for accreditation, so for example, we have an accreditation coming up for the LCME in the next year or so, so we've been involved in some of that.

Lastly, we consider ourselves as a business partner to our departments and centers.

Q: What are the busiest times of year?

A: First is year end, which is coming up right now. Because we're a fiscal June 30 year round. So that often takes a lot of time for sort of closing up the books and year end reporting; dealing with the state auditors from that perspective. 

Then the other big season for us is what I would call budget season. That typically runs from December until May/June somewhere in that timeframe, and we have a number of constituencies that we have to put budgets together for, so there's the healthcare system budget for the faculty practice we also have to do a budget for the university itself not to mention the fact that we need to have a budget as a school when I go through that process with our leadership team here. 

Q: Which departments in the School of Medicine does the Finance Office support?

A: All of the clinical departments the basic science departments. We have something on the order of about 30 different centers and then there's a number of sort of central Dean's office units that we support as well.

Q: What should the School of Medicine faculty and staff know about the work of the Finance Office?

A: We’re their business partners we’re advocates for their success and the missions and that we're all so humbled and very proud to support that mission.

Visit www.med.unc.edu/fbo to learn more about the Finance Office