90 Seconds With Research Episode 5

The UNC School of Medicine’s research funding surpassed $500 million in the 2019 fiscal year. Watch this month’s episode of ‘90 Seconds With…’ to learn about major milestones and our plans to continue growing and expanding research as part of the strategic plan, Forward Together.

Q: Why is Research an Imperative within the SOM strategic plan, Forward Together?

A: “In our new strategic plan, Forward Together, we have many different research initiatives, and these are all aimed at improving and expanding our research programs and augmenting our grant portfolio as well as recruiting new faculty to the UNC School of Medicine.”

Q: What is the state of our current research funding? What progress has taken place within the Research Imperative lately?

A: “Research in the School of Medicine continues to remain very strong. We just closed on fiscal year ’19 and the numbers show that we have greatly increased our research funding to the tune of $48 million. Additionally, the UNC School of Medicine research funding has just passed the $500 million mark. We are extremely grateful to our faculty, students, and staff for the efforts they put into their research and we would like to invest the increased funding that we receive by expanding and growing our outstanding research programs in basic sciences, clinical research, and population research, as well as reinvesting in the research infrastructure. In terms of the School of Medicine research initiatives that have already launched; these include the Computational Medicine program, as well as the Precision Medicine program and we’re continuing to roll out new initiatives as we speak.”

Q: What upcoming initiatives can faculty and staff look forward to seeing in the near future?

A: “One recent research initiative is to increase and improve our clinical research in the School of Medicine by creating a new office called the Clinical Research Support Office (CRSO). With the help of Dr. John Buse’s leadership, this clinical research support office will help to create a more streamlined and more efficient process for clinical research in the School of Medicine, and will help to advance our research mission.”

Contact Vice Dean Blossom Damania, PhD, with questions about the Research Imperative or inquiries on how to get involved.