90 Seconds with the UNC Medical Foundation

Watch the video to find out how the philanthropic arm of the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Hospitals wants to partner with you to achieve strategic goals. Contact them directly with follow-up questions at 919-966-5812.

Q: What is the role of the UNC Medical Foundation?

A: For the last 70 years, The foundation is served as the philanthropic partner for UNC School of Medicine and UNC hospitals. We raise money for patient care, education, and research, but specifically, we help raise money for scholarships, for fellowships, for professorships, and research.

Q: What are the foundation’s current biggest priorities?

A: We're in the midst of a historic campaign here at the University we're striving to raise 4.25 billion dollars over the next eight years.

Q: How would you describe major fundraiser activities?

A: Day-to-day, our development team is out meeting with donors one-on-one; we're hosting large events, we're conducting many, many different activities that help support the School of Medicine and UNC hospitals.

Q: How are funds raised and spent?

A: We have over 480 endowed funds and 750 expendable funds that many, many generations of people have donated to over the years. Our professional stewardship of those funds is our highest priority. So we make sure that program needs and our donor and our donor intent are always met.

Q: What should School of Medicine faculty and staff know about the UNC Medical Foundation?

A: Reach out talk with a development professional on our team or me personally. We want to be your partner!


Contact them directly with questions at: 919-966-5812.

Watch the video here.