90 Seconds with The Well-Being Program, featuring Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody_ Episode 6

The integrated Well-Being Program is dedicated to improving your work life. Find out how in this episode of 90 Seconds With…

Q: What is the Well-Being Program?

A: “The system-wide program was developed in the summer of 2018 and it grew out of a physician mental health program that was initially funded in 2012. It expanded to a School of Medicine initiative, and now, as of last year it is a system-wide program.”

Q: Why is commitment to Well-Being important?

A: “Our missions of excellent clinical care, teaching the next generation, conducting novel research, all of this requires an engaged and well employee base whether that's faculty, staff other employees. We know that people who are not well and those that are burned out are going to be less productive there's more medical errors, there's more interpersonal conflict, and we really want to address well-being to improve the work life and work balance of all the employees.”

Q: How does the Well-Being Program address workplace stress?

A: “We have to look at everything from a culture of wellness, to how people are able to be most effective and work in their particular environments. We’re looking at care redesign efforts, we’re looking at the role of the electronic health record, we’re providing emotional support services. There are many different initiatives, and as we create new things, we’re also developing a toolkit that can be used and exported across the system.”

Q: How are the Well-Being Program and the CPR2 Initiative Related?

A: “The CPR square initiative is focused on a respectful culture. That's vital to have a well organization so they're both very important and they're very interconnected. Unless we have a respectful culture the well-being of everyone working in it will be compromised, and so is critical that everyone is working to enhance the way we interact with each other to be most respectful, to appreciate diversity, to appreciate what each of us brings to the table.”

Track your workplace stress levels by accessing the Well-Being index.

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