Center for Excellence in Children's Nutrition Funding Opportunity

$20K is available to fund a study in pediatric nutrition. Letters of Intent are due Sept. 1.

UNC Chapel Hill has entered into a Collaborative Research and Affiliation Agreement with Mead Johnson. This agreement provides funding to support research in nutrition in growing children (ages 1-6) and creates the Center for Excellence in Children's Nutrition (CECN). This center will fund seminar series, a national symposium and will fund a number of research grants on nutrition of children (ages 1-6) that are designed to develop the data needed to compete for external funding. Research proposals that help to promote a better understanding of the relationship between nutrients and brain development/cognition and in the development of brain-measurement tools that may be feasible in non-clinical settings are encouraged. We also invite the submission of alternative research issues related to pediatric nutrition.

We will award one grant for a period of one year, in an amount of up to $20,000 in direct costs. Proposed projects may be biomedical, epidemiological, behavioral, or clinical. They may include laboratory or non-laboratory research projects that focus either on children's nutrition or on animal work applicable to the understanding of nutrition in growing children. Human nutrition projects may focus on inpatient or outpatient studies or on epidemiological or community-based research that is social or behavioral in nature. Primary focus is on research in children ages 1-6.

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