Coping With Childrens' Back-to-School Sleep Needs

Children headed back to school need to start soon with the habits that will provide them with the rest needed to learn.

Coping With Childrens' Back-to-School Sleep Needs click to enlarge Mike Steiner, M.D., of UNC Children's

The first day of school is coming soon and parents should take steps to ensure that their children are getting the sleep they need in order to perform their best in school. Dr. Mike Steiner of UNC Children's spoke with ABC 11 about getting kids back on the right track.

"Bath, brush, book, and bed" says Dr. Steiner of the process that should end the day for young students. 

Dr. Steiner, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Chief of the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, also notes that parents should start this process now and work slowly to achieve these goals. "Change it by a half hour a day," he says. Set a routine and stick to it, and limit screen time (whether TV or computer) before bed as well.

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