Tips for Parents of Kids with Food Allergies

With kids headed back to school, parents should discuss the facts of food allergies with their child. Dr. Edwin Kim of UNC's Food Allergy Initiative has advice for that.

Tips for Parents of Kids with Food Allergies click to enlarge Dr. Edwin Kim of UNC Children's discusses food allergies.

Heading back to school presents many challenges to children, and if they have a food allergy they should be aware of the facts so they can meet that challenge. Dr. Edwin Kim of UNC Children's Food Allergy Initiative has tips for parents facing this issue while discussing this with ABC11's Julie Wilson.

"The numbers add up to about two kids per classroom," Dr. Kim notes. While there has been a surge in food allergies in recent years, the reason for that surge is unknown. But if your child has this issue it's best to keep communicating with the child plus the officials and teachers at the school, he says. 

Since ingestion is the biggest trigger for food allergies, children should be taught not to share food, but to politely decline any food that is offered. It's also a good idea to discuss with children the reasons that they might not be able to have the same diet as others.

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