Patient’s intuition leads to life-saving discovery

"Had I gone to sleep that night, I would never have woken up," says Victoria, a UNC sophomore. This past summer, Victoria received the same diagnosis four times in three days: strep throat. Still, she sensed something was dreadfully wrong and finally came to the ER. As it turns out, she arrived not a moment too soon.

Patient’s intuition leads to life-saving discovery click to enlarge Victoria with Carlton Zdanski, MD.

As Victoria Baskett was being wheeled into emergency surgery, one of her doctors looked down at her and said, "Victoria, your job for me now is to just breathe."

But such simple instructions never had seemed so difficult to follow.

Baskett, now 20, was diagnosed in June with strep throat four times in three days while attending summer classes in Chapel Hill. On her fifth trip, a visit to the emergency room, she was diagnosed with Ludwig's Angina - a rare infection that can cause swelling and block breathing passages that developed from an abscessed stone in her salivary gland.

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