UNC Health Care, Pardee Hospital discuss partnership at meeting Tuesday

At a joint meeting of the Pardee Board of Directors and the Henderson County Commissioners on Tuesday, May 24, UNC Health Care made a proposal outlining the ways our system might assist Pardee Hospital in the future.

The proposal included a management agreement to help Pardee increase cost savings and provide better overall care to meet the community’s needs. We have proposed that we help Pardee in their current search for a new CEO, who would be an employee of UNC Health Care. All the remaining employees of Pardee would remain employees of Pardee with the same benefit structure that is currently in place.  The CEO, while employed by UNC Health Care, would have the same responsibilities and reporting relationship to the Board of Directors of Pardee Hospital as has historically been in place.

As you all know, health care is in a constant state of change and many stand-alone hospitals, especially the smaller ones, are contemplating affiliations with larger hospitals and systems. Part of this is driven by continued cost escalation and part is associated with the direction in which health care reform is moving.   That, along with our mission to help serve all people of North Carolina, is why Pardee reached out to us to explore this potential partnership.  

The meeting yesterday was the most significant development in our discussions with Pardee, which began last month. Over the next several weeks, the Pardee Hospital Board of Directors will be evaluating our proposal. We will keep you updated as we learn more about this possible partnership.