WebCIS certified for EH, EP Meaningful Use programs

Congratulations to UNC Health Care and our Information Services Division (ISD). WebCIS is now certified for both Eligible Hospital (EH) and Eligible Professional (EP) Meaningful Use programs.

WebCIS was certified recently by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) to meet the system capability requirements for Stage 1 of the Meaningful Use Eligible Professional (EP) incentive program. The objective of the program is to utilize the EHR to improve quality, safety, and effectiveness of patient-centered care.

UNC Health Care is eligible for both the EH (hospital) and EP (outpatient) incentive programs through CMS (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services) for demonstrating Meaningful Use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), using certified technology.

The first step in this process for UNC is to achieve certification of WebCIS for each of the two programs. WebCIS was certified on June 16, 2011 for the EH program. (Details of the EH certification are available here.) On October 31, 2011, WebCIS was certified for the EP program.

Certification is achieved through extensive testing performed by an authorized delegate of the ONC to assess system capability for various functions including, but not limited to: security measures, drug-drug/drug-allergy alerts, clinical decision support rules, e-prescribing, and the ability to maintain active problem, allergy, and medication lists.

At the conclusion of the EP certification process last week, the WebCIS team was again told by the tester –as they had been following the EH certification—that UNC was better prepared than any other organization he had encountered.

Dr. Roper stated in his vision for meaningful use at UNC that, “We intend to exceed the objectives of Meaningful Use.” The WebCIS team has done exactly that. The bar has been set by our colleagues in ISD for the way in which we will continue to work towards achieving meaningful use at UNC. We look forward to celebrating similar successes along the way.

Our congratulations and gratitude are owed to Nelson Nauss, WebCIS Development Project Manager, and the team of technical leads who have worked feverishly over the past few months to prepare for this, under the direction of John Baba (IT Director, Technical Support Services) in our Information Services Division.

Our next step in the Meaningful Use program is “attestation,” when we will be required to demonstrate ‘meaningful use’ of our certified electronic medical record. This process will take place over the coming months as we work toward attestation for both the EH and EP programs.

For the EH program, Larry Mandelkehr and Scott Keller in Performance Improvement and Patient Safety are leading the attestation process and are planning to attest within the next few months. They are currently working with the data to determine whether process revisions will be needed to capture the information required to achieve Meaningful Use for the hospital.

For the EP program, Robb Malone and the Practice Quality and Innovation (PQI) team are leading the attestation process. PQI Project Coaches have been assigned by academic department to each of our outpatient practices and are currently developing practice-based MU teams to redesign and/or implement processes that support the utilization of WebCIS needed to meet MU requirements.

Details on how you can access reports on our system utilization for the EH and EP Meaningful Use programs will be provided soon.

To learn more about UNC’s plans to achieve Meaningful Use for our hospitals and providers, visit www.unchealthcare.org\mu.  If you have questions or comments, please send them to: meaningfuluse@unch.unc.edu.

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