Are you HeartAware? Check your risk!

February is Heart Month. Heart-health assessment can be as easy as taking the HeartAware Risk Screening offered by the Heart and Vascular Centers at UNC and Rex. Unlike some diseases, cardiovascular disease can largely be predicted and prevented.

More than 79 million Americans have heart disease and many don't know it. Visit to complete your risk assessment now! You can learn more and read a list of "Questions and Answers" about the assessment and your options for a free follow-up appointment at the UNC Center for Heart & Vascular Care's website.

The HeartAware online evaluation takes only seven minutes and provides information about your personal risk for heart disease. Answer a few simple questions and HeartAware will provide you with a report of your risk factors and recommendations for improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Cardiac awareness and information about heart disease on the HeartAware website are provided by the National Heart Organization.

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