Giving Exceptional Service: Everyone, Every time, Everywhere class is off to a great start

Due to popular request, customer service classes will be taught at the main hospital for night shift employees and at the Hedrick Building and other off-campus locations.

Many thanks to the more than 2,300 employees who have participated in Giving Exceptional Service: Everyone, Every time, Everywhere. We appreciate your commitment to giving exceptional service.

There are twenty new classes available from January through February 2012. Several classes will be offered at the Hedrick Building and other off campus locations. In response to employee suggestions, we will teach a class from 10:45 - 11:45 p.m. on Feb. 1 to make it convenient for employees working at night. If we get a good response, we will offer additional classes at night.

All UNC Health Care employees are expected to take this one-hour course prior to June 2012. If you have not taken this inspirational class, you can register for it via the Learning Management System (

Feedback has been very positive. These are a few comments from our colleagues who have attended this class:

“This session provided an excellent opportunity to review and renew our commitment to providing superior exceptional customer service. It also provided new insights that will be helpful in practice.”

“The most important thing about this session to me is that everyone working for UNC Health Care has to attend the program. Hopefully, everyone will commit to giving exceptional service to everyone, every time and everywhere.”

“I would say just about everything in this session was useful.”

“It is always a good thing to remind even the best of us who always give good customer service of why we do what we do and for whom.”

“It got me recommitted.”

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