State Health Plan legislative changes effective July 1

The State Health Plan wants to make employees aware of changes to the Plan following the ratification of House Bill 1085 on June 29. Most importantly, there was a change clarifying the rules under which employees can enroll in the Plan.

Employees who do not elect to enroll themselves or dependents on the Plan when first eligible within 30 days of hire will not be allowed to enroll in the Plan unless they experience a qualifying event or during Annual Enrollment.

There will be no exceptions to this rule. Employees should  print the confirmation page upon completion of enrollment. This rule emphasizes the importance of providing new hires and existing employees with enrollment materials in a timely manner and stressing the consequences that will follow with failure to elect coverage within 30 days (possible gap in coverage, unable to enroll in the Plan until the next Annual Enrollment period, etc.).

Changes reflected in this bill are effective as of July 1, 2012. The bill revises several sections of General Statute § 135-48. To view the full text of House Bill 1085, click here.

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