Operating Rooms convert to gel head donuts June 27

All operating rooms are converting to Gel Head donuts as of June 27. Gel donuts are equipment used for patient positioning in order to reduce the likelihood of developing skin breakdown or pressure-related alopecia postoperatively.

In order to maintain stock of this critical piece of equipment (pictured here), the OR education department has developed flyers to post in each department.

All gel donuts from the operating room should be marked with “ANESTHESIA” on front and back. These items should not leave the operating room with the patient or with staff.  However, accidents happen. If a gel donut headrest is found in your unit, please return it to the Operating Room or call us so that we can collect it.

Please post this flyer in your units by June 27 to help us implement the best-practice use of gel on all operating room patients. Thank you for your assistance, and please do not hesitate to contact our division with any questions.

- Jen Neumann, BSN, RN, CNOR
Education Coordinator, Surgical Services Division
Pager: 216-6768
Office: 966-1292

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