Meaningful Use update - We did it!

Congratulations to everyone who helped us ensure that more than 35% of UNC's Eligible Professionals (EPs) have attested to Meaningful Use of the Electronic Health Record. We met our organizational goal for FY12. But we're not done yet. Please read this message to understand what is next.

As of June 25, a total of 266 UNC Eligible Professionals (EPs) have attested to Meaningful Use of the Electronic Health Record. This represents just more than 35% of the 756 UNC Health Care providers who are eligible. We have now exceeded the organizational goal of 35% attested in FY12! And more attestations are currently in process. Based on the rate of progress this month (we started June with only 15 EPs attested), we expect the numbers to be significantly higher by the end of June. The progress graph is updated frequently and posted here.

This was no small achievement for UNC. It required the collaboration of countless people across the UNC Health Care System who invested significant effort to make this happen.

Congratulations and thank you to all members of the care teams throughout our ambulatory clinics who have adapted to incorporate MU into their processes, and to the 266 EPs who have done what was necessary to be able to attest (click here for a list of all UNC providers attested to date). With an effort of this magnitude and complexity, it isn’t feasible to list here all the people from ISD’s Business Intelligence, WebCIS, Training, and CDW (Carolina Data Warehouse) teams who have partnered with Practice Quality and Innovation (PQI) for the past year. Please click here for a list of the people involved.

Meeting our targets has required an inordinate amount of work to be accomplished in a short period of time. It’s tempting to see it as sprint—but it’s not. It’s a marathon. Meaningful Use isn’t going away, and the goals are not going to get easier. We’ve only just begun.

Some key points to keep in mind:

  • For departments to meet FY13 revenue assumptions, approximately 60% of their EPs will need to start meeting MU measures by late September in order to demonstrate MU over the 90-day reporting period and attest within the 2012 calendar year. (To receive incentive, EPs must both demonstrate MU and complete attestation. EPs that recently attested under Medicaid will still need to demonstrate MU.)
  • The reporting period shifts next year from 90 days to 12 months, and it will stay that way for all subsequent years. This means that, as of January 1, each eligible patient encounter will count—always and forever.
  • The Final Rule for MU Stage 2 will be published next month and we’ll know then exactly how much higher the bar will be raised for 2014. Based on the rule proposed, we can expect some significant challenges.
  • CMS will start applying penalties in 2015 for all Medicare EPs who have either not yet attested, or failed to attest for any given year following their first year of participation in the program.

It’s a long road ahead, but we’ve now seen what we’re capable of achieving. If UNC could pull this one off, we can handle whatever comes our way. We’ll keep striving to adopt MU in a way that best supports our patients and our colleagues, helping all to see the value of using the EHR in a ‘meaningful’ way. And we’ll get better at it along the way, as we work to transform Meaningful Use into Meaningful Care at UNC.

For questions about your MU attestation, please contact your PQI Project Coach or send an email to General information about Meaningful Use at UNC is available through our website:

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