Go-Live #1 co-workers must register for Epic@UNC Training

If you and your team work at a Go-Live #1 location (UNC Hospitals, UNC Faculty Physicians, Chatham Hospital, or UNC Physicians Network West practice) and have not yet registered for your training, it is critical that you log into LMS through Citrix and register for the classes in the order listed in the Epic@UNC Course Catalog for your training plan.

Remember that having more than 95% co-worker attendance at Epic@UNC Training (and a 95% pass rate for all co-worker assessments) is one of our FY14 Organizational Goals (Intranet link).

This link is updated weekly (and available from the Epic@UNC Training page) with the class schedules and seating availability to help you determine training dates/times when using the LMS to register. When registering for training, also remember that wait-listing a class is not an option. Please be aware that classes scheduled after April 14, 2014, are intended for Go-Live #2 co-workers and co-workers at Go-Live #1 locations hired after April 4, 2014.

Please review the Epic@UNC Training page for full details on training. If you have additional questions, email .

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