Electronic copies of W-2s now online

Electronic copies of 2012 co-worker W-2s are now online at https://advice.unch.unc.edu. Paper copies were mailed Jan. 22 to your home address on record. Please allow 6-10 business days for the paper copy to arrive.

Access your 2012 W-2 at https://advice.unch.unc.edu. Once you login, click on ‘Pay Summary” to access your W-2.


Special notice regarding box 12DD on your 2012 W-2:
In March 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law. Beginning with the 2012 W-2, this law requires all employers to report the cost of health care coverage provided to employees under an employer-sponsored group health plan.

The total amount will be reported in Box 12DD on the W2 Form. This amount includes the portion of the cost paid by the employer as well as any cost that may be charged to the employee. The purpose of this requirement is “provide useful and comparable consumer information to employees on the cost of their health care coverage.”

Also, please note that the reported amounts are for information only, are not taxable and should not be included on any form when filing your 2012 tax return.