Announcing our 'Pig Cake' winners

At our last Leadership Development Learning Session, "Lean Health Care Reform: Continually Improving the Value of Health Care Delivered," our leaders were challenged to define "standard work" in their areas, with the winners to receive a "Pig Cake." We're proud to announce and congratulate our Pig Cake winners.

Please give a round of applause to the following departments who have been awarded the coveted “Pig Cake” (to be delivered by Drs. Larry Marks, Tina Willis and Mr. Glen Spivak)  for their submission of standard work in an effort to simplify and reduce variation in their work processes. 

Work Unit and Work Process Standardized

  • Extract Transform Load - (ETL) Process
  • UNC Hospitals Obstetrics Clinic - Processing of Faxed Referrals and Nursing Point Tool (for Billing)
  • Learning and Organizational Development - Unified Logins, Software, Usage Instructions for Shared Dept. Laptops/Tablets
  • Audiology - Hearing Aid Check-in Process
  • N.C. Children’s Specialty Clinic in Raleigh - Standing Orders, Reporting of STDs, Implanon, and Medications
  • Children’s Specialty Clinic (Endocrine/Diabetes) - Clinic flow
  • UNC Center for Transplant Care - Adult Liver Clinical Pathway, Medication Reviews, Lung Transplant Clinical Pathway, Kidney Transplant Post-Op Clinic Worksheet, VAD Pre-Discharge Practice Guidelines

The impact from this learning session continues to be impressive. Eighty-four percent of respondents stated that they have worked with their team to identify and apply standard work to at least one work process in order to simplify and reduce variation.

Of equal note, there has been an increase in requests for patients to join improvement projects and committees in order to ensure that the patient perspective in incorporated.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who won the Pig Cakes, and to everyone who is working to improve the service and care we deliver each day!