Longitudinal Research Study on Infant Speech Development Following Cleft Palate Repair

The UNC Craniofacial Center is conducting a longitudinal research study on infant speech development following cleft palate repair. We are currently seeking infants without cleft lip or palate and without a history of ear tubes or frequent ear infections to serve as a comparison group.

To be eligible for the study, infants must:

  • be between 9  and 12 months of age
  • be learning English as a first and only language
  • not have developmental delays
  • not have known syndromes
  • not have known sensory-neural hearing loss
  • pass a screening procedure

The study will occur at the UNC Craniofacial Center. If your infant passes the screening, we will videotape you and your child during play activities, record his/her speech (babbling), and monitor his/her nasal breathing using a simple technique. We will also screen middle ear function and hearing. The study may require as few as 3 visits or up to 7 visits during the first year (approximately every two months) and a single visit at 36 and 48 months of age. Each visit will take approximately 1 to 2 hours. We will compensate you $40 per visit, mileage if greater than 10 miles round-trip, and parking.  

This study is funded by the NIDCR and has been approved by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Institutional Review Board (Study # 12-2252, approval date June 12, 2013). Dr. David Zajac is the principal investigator.

If you are interested in helping with this exciting project, or have any questions, please contact the study coordinator, Maureen Feldbaum, at 919-537-3526 or email her at maureen_feldbaum@med.unc.edu.

Thank you,

David J. Zajac, PhD, CCC-SLP