ISD transitioning to IronPort for email security encryption

On Thursday, Feb. 27, at 4 a.m., ISD replaced the Tumbleweed Encryption Service with Cisco’s IronPort Email Security Encryption Services for users at UNC Hospitals and UNC Faculty Physciians. This change will minimally impact everyone who sends encrypted emails to external recipients.

As with Tumbleweed, in IronPort you simply type “(Secure)” *not case sensitive* in the subject line of an email to send an encrypted message. The encrypted message recipient then receives your email with clear, simple instructions on how to open it.

The noticeable differences between Tumbleweed and IronPort are detailed in this file and include:

  • Recipients’ email message format is different.
  • Recipients’ retrieve IronPort encrypted  email messages in a different way. View attached documentation for full details.
  • Recipients will not be able to reply to the sender through IronPort. A new email message will need to be composed.  Should the recipient want to reply, they will need to send a new message through their own resident encryption solution if the new message includes sensitive information. 

Note that this change on Feb. 27, 2014, only affects users at UNC Hospitals and UNC Faculty Physicians (those whose email addresses recently converted to “”).

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