Upcoming planned Epic@UNC downtimes

Please share the following dates and work with your teams to prepare for the following planned Epic@UNC downtimes in December 2014, and January and March 2015.

Please log-out prior to each downtime or you will receive a message requesting that you log off. Once the planned downtime begins, users will need to re-launch Epic@UNC to access the Epic@UNC Read-Only server, which will allow you to perform “view only” functions. 

During the outage, all units will work in a downtime mode following the process outlined on the Intranet in the “Epic@UNC Downtime Flowchart.” This link also is available from the lower-right corner of the Intranet home page and RexWeb.

Please follow the “Planned” Downtime Process during each of these planned downtimes.

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