Information about Email Viruses

Many UNC Health Care employees have reported a series of strange emails to ISD Technical Security. Please protect yourself by reading this important information from ISD Technical Security.

These emails vary. Some ask for a payment while others offer the user a Word document with a transaction ID/invoice. The malicious emails have an attachment. Although the attachment is not the same every time, it is a name with random letters and numbers. 


DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT – the virus will steal information from your workstation.

If you have opened the attachment and allowed Macros, please contact the Service Desk immediately and shut your workstation down. The malicious file looks like the image below:

Email Virus Example

 If you received an email that meets this criteria, please notify ISD Technical Security in the following manner:

  1. Create a new email message addressed to the (do not include any other email addresses)
  2. Make the subject line: Virus
  3. Attach or drag and drop the malicious email to the newly created message and send to
  4. Then delete the email from your inbox, your sent mail and your deleted items folders
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