Details on training for Epic@UNC 2014 upgrade

The Epic@UNC Training team is finalizing plans to help users prepare for the March 7 upgrade of Epic@UNC to the 2014 version of Epic’s software. Most training will occur via recorded Webex sessions available through the Epic@UNC Training Library, tip sheets, and drop-in sessions.

Timeline for 2014 upgrade training

  • The Training team has already contacted teams that will see the most significant changes once Epic@UNC is upgraded to schedule more in-depth training. If your team has not been contacted, you will not be required to complete any in-person training prior to the March 7 upgrade. 
  • In preparation for the 2014 upgrade, starting on Feb. 16, all Epic@UNC classes will cover 2014 content/functionality. 
  • The Epic@UNC Playground (PLY) environment will be updated on Feb. 16 to allow all users to practice using the 2014 version of Epic@UNC. 
  • Use the 2014 section of the Epic@UNC Training Library to find educational material and Playground logins to practice. Managers and Super Users are encouraged to use these materials to help educate their teams about the upcoming 2014 upgrades. 
  • Epic@UNC leaders and the Training team are scheduled to present to a number of Epic@UNC workgroups (Clinical Informatics Council, Epic@UNC Providers Informatics Council, etc.) and at operational meetings across our locations using Epic@UNC to discuss the changes coming in the 2014 software.
  • Finally, the 2014 upgrade will bring a new feature to Epic@UNC – “Learning Homes.” These dashboards, available under the “Reporting Workbench” activity, allow users to get updates and educational content based on their role. Many of the same tip sheets and quick start guides you access now in Epic@UNC under “References” in will be available under your new Learning Home.

Background on the 2014 upgrade

As a reminder, the Epic@UNC 2014 upgrade is scheduled for Saturday morning, March 7, beginning at approximately 2 a.m. Epic@UNC will be down for approximately four hours, during which all users must follow the downtime processes outlined in our Downtime Guides (Intranet link).

Registering new employees for Epic@UNC Training at Go-Live #1, #2 locations

Note that the process for registering new employees at Go-Live #1 and #2 sites for Epic@UNC training remains the same. That process is outlined at this link.


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