Epic@UNC Ancillary and Therapy Classes

We are pleased to announce that there is an Epic@UNC class option for Ancillary and Therapy clinicians who practice in an Ambulatory setting. This class is designed for outpatient PT, OT, SLP, Audiology therapists, case managers, nutrition and others who practice in the clinic setting and will show them how to use the Epic Ambulatory tools.

To register for class, log in to LMS and find the Catalog. Click the Ambulatory category under the ISD heading. Highlight the Ambulatory Ancillary Clinician and click Register. The available classes will then show up. More detailed instructions for enrollment are available HERE in LMS. 

For those ancillary and therapy staff who practice inpatient, the Epic@UNC class can be found under the Inpatient category in the catalog.

If there are staff members that practice in both areas, we recommend that they take the class where they will primarily practice and then have a preceptor show them the differences between the two settings.  If you prefer,  you can schedule your staff for both classes.  We have conveniently scheduled the Ambulatory class in a morning slot and the Inpatient class in an afternoon slot on the same day. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Tanya Alvord for inpatient questions or Peggy Miller for ambulatory questions.

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