Preparing for Epic@UNC upgrade downtime, recovery

Epic@UNC will be down from 2 a.m. until approximately 6 a.m. Saturday morning, March 7, for the 2014 Epic@UNC Upgrade.

Preparing for the downtime:

  • Clinicians: Complete all of your orders by 1 a.m. Saturday, March 7. Unless medically necessary, do not write any orders during the downtime process. 
  • All users: Print the necessary Downtime Forms (Intranet link) for your area by Thursday, March 5. Review the forms you will need before the downtime begins.

Recovering from the downtime:

  • For orders placed during the downtime:
    • Medications will be entered by Pharmacy
    • Labs that were sent to the lab during the downtime will be placed by the appropriate Lab department (e.g. Rex, Chatham, etc.)
    • Future labs need to be entered by nursing
    • Radiology Orders will be entered by Radiology staff (note this is an update from previous messages)
    • All other orders should be placed by nursing and/or providers
  • Admissions/Discharges/Transfers during the downtime:
    • HUCs/Unit Clerks should call their Nursing House Supervisor if admission/discharge/transfer (ADT) activity takes place during the downtime. 
    • Once ADT Recovery begins, the Nursing House Supervisor will contact units with movement (admission/discharge/transfer) and have them perform the appropriate “patient movement” functions using the Ninja Icon, which will be available in Citrix in the “Hyperspace” folder during the downtime recovery process. 
    • If you do not see the “Ninja” icon when you login to Citrix, contact the ISD Help Desk immediately at 984-974-4357.
    • If a HUC/Unit Clerk is not available to perform the appropriate patient movement, then a nurse on the unit must assist with this process.
  • Notification of Epic@UNC availability
    • We will notify all users by mass email and overhead announcements when Epic@UNC is available again on Saturday morning, March 7.
  • Help
    • As always, contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 to report any issues.

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