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Printer questions

When will my printer/rover be available?
Printers (either fixed or mobile) and Rover devices have been deployed for all sites going live with Beaker on April 16. If you have not received your printers yet, please contact Preeti Padaley at .

Which device will I have, Rover or a printer?
The two devices serve different purposes. Most areas area only getting Beaker printers. Only Phlebotomy and ED areas at UNC/Rex are getting Rover devices to perform specimen collection via a hand-held vs. using an Epic WOW.

Who can I call if my printer does not work?
Call the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357.

Label questions

How do I get labels?
Details on how to order labels are available at this link.

When a CD4 and a CBC is needed, we need to send two separate lavender top tubes. Will we get two separate labels? 
Yes. Two separate labels will print.

A UA/CS/Pregnancy specimen going to lab requires three separate cups. Will there be three separate labels?

What is the PAR number for ordering labels and storage of labels?
How much an area keeps in stock and PAR-level depends on their volume of nurse specimen collection.

Will tube types be on the labels?

How do we place the label on a tube of blood?
See the “Labeling a Specimen Container” tip sheet.

How do we place the sticker on a bullet drawn in the Newborn Critical Care Center?
Place the label ‘long-ways’ on the tube such that name and barcode are readable. DO NOT wrap label around the tube so that the barcode cannot be scanned.

How do we get multiple stickers for the bullets?
The appropriate number of labels should print. If sharing has to occur, affix one label to the tube and send the remaining labels to the Lab with tube so they know to share.

What do I print out for an LP that has four vials? Will I get four labels?
Yes, four labels will be the default for CSF cell count testing. If protein and glucose is also ordered, there will be additional labels for those tests.

Workflow questions

Will my collection process/screens change?
In general the collection process is similar to today. The main exception is for Phlebotomists in the Labs – Rover is a different process.

Will my order screens change?
In general there are no changes to order screens. There may be new questions or questions may have been removed from some orders.

Will my result screens change?

Will the ambulatory clinic workflow be the same as the inpatient units?
No. Inpatient units use worklists and ambulatory clinics use order inquiry.

What is positive patient identification?
Clinical areas perform positive patient identification with Epic@UNC today when they perform bedside bar-coded medication administration. They scan the patient armband to make sure they have the right patient and then scan the med to confirm the med being scanned is for the patient armband they just scanned.

We will be using the same positive patient ID principle with collecting specimens as a safety effort and ensure the correct patient is identified by barcode scanning the armband when collecting the lab specimens. The label is printed during collection at the bedside to ensure specimens are labeled at time of collection.

Will the add-on process change?
Yes. See details for ordering add-ons in non-lab areas. There is also a tip sheet that details processing add-on requests.

When do the ‘Print Label’ tasks show on the worklist? One hour before the draw? What do I do if the patient looks bad and I want to draw the timed lab two hours in advance?
Print Label tasks show on the Worklist as soon as the lab order is released, which begs the question of, “When are lab orders released?”

The answer: After April 16, 2016, if the lab is to be drawn the same day as the order, then it releases immediately once the order being signed. If it is for some day after the order, it will be released at ~12:05 a.m. on the day it is to be drawn.

So, what if it is 11 p.m. and I need to draw the 1 a.m. next day lab? Lab Orders can be released manually from the “Keeping You Informed” report in the Summary Activity.

What are the steps for “sharing tube?” There can be three different lab requests for one tube of blood. Do we print all three labels? Are all of the labels placed on the one tube? If not, which label do we place on the tube and what happens to the others?
The number of labels generated should be appropriate for the number of tubes to be drawn. Tests that are able to be shared will group onto one label. If only one tube is able to be drawn, but you have labels for multiple tubes of the same color, send the extra labels alongside the tube(s) to the lab so they know to share.

How are blood cultures managed?
Blood Cultures will be as Order Panels like they are now. There will be two sets in a panel, just like now. If they are nurse collect, they will appear on the nursing worklist for collection. If they are lab collect, the Phlebotomist will come collect them.

We do frequent growth hormone blood draws at 20 minute and 30 minute intervals. Orders are to draw the blood but the interval is set by protocol. How will this be managed?
The protocol will release the order at the proper time and go to the Phlebotomy/Nursing worklist to be collected. From there, it is a normal blood draw.

Will phlebotomy round in the same manner at UNC Medical Center? What differences will we see with phlebotomy?
To start, Phlebotomy will round in the same manner at UNC Medical Center. However, as we gain familiarity with the new system, we will be looking for ways to improve efficiency of specimen creation.

The main difference with phlebotomy will be the communication of order information from Epic@UNC. Changes to Flowsheet Collection Status will come to Beaker and the Rover Phlebotomy devices.

However, it should be noted that the Order Transmittal Rules for UNC Medical Center state that lab tests ordered STAT=Unit Collect. Also, the answer to the “Blood to drawn by: Phlebotomy/Nurse?” order question trumps the Flowsheet Collection Status.

For Anatomic Pathology, there has been a lot of work to be able to show the body location. Will that continue? Will users be able to use a category list to show where the AP specimen came from? Or will they need to write that one on the label.
The “Surgical Pathology Exam” and the various “Cytology –“ orders have always had a field to choose the ‘source’ from the global Epic@UNC source table. This is not changing. There also is a ‘description’ field for the source through which the user can enter further information about the specimen’s source.

Will ED MDs be able to print out Rainbow labels? 
Anyone who can order tests can order the ED Extra Tubes. Physicians should have the ability to print labels and document specimen collection.

Downtime Processes

What will happen the night of April 15? Will there be a downtime?
Epic@UNC will be down for clinical use from 9 p.m. April 15, until 1 a.m. April 16. Clinical areas should use their downtime procedures for communication of orders to the Lab. The Lab will follow downtime procedures to report labs resulted during the downtime.

Once Beaker is being used, what labels will be used during any future planned (or unplanned) downtime for Stat labs?
The Beaker downtime process is detailed at this link.

Specimen collection, transportation questions

Do I have to enter collection time for the samples?
Yes, without this information in the system, results could be delayed.

What is the time lag if changing from Unit Collect to Lab Collect or vice versa?
There is no lag time. This change happens immediately.

The demonstrations used UNC Medical Center examples. Other hospitals use different color tubes. Will the tube colors adjust accordingly?
No. The tubes were agreed to by all entities early in the project. The only exception is that the UNC Medical Center ED uses an orange top SST, which other hospitals will not use.

What is the process if a specimen clots in route to the lab?
Unacceptable specimens will need to be recollected. The Lab will indicate this in Epic@UNC and a task will show up on the inpatient nurse’s task list. The Lab should also call floor. If in an ambulatory location, the lab will call the clinic/office.

If a specimen is to be transported with ice, will that be seen anywhere?
Yes - on the label and on the packing list.

At Chatham, the Phlebotomist comes to the room for a patient with a line. They do the print label and collect. The nurse does the draw. When they do the collect, should they change the “who” to the nurse who drew it?
Yes. Also need to make sure the Phlebotomist doesn’t do the collect until the nurse hands them the vial.

How to get Help

How can I get help after the Beaker Go-Live?

  • At-the-Elbow support will be provided by the Clinical Informatics Team and contractors rounding through the hospitals and various clinics.
  • Call-in all issues in to the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357. Do not call the Lab directly.
  • One additional Epic@UNC resource will be available on-site in the EDs immediately after Go-Live.
  • One additional Epic@UNC resource will be on-site at the Hospital Operating Rooms on Monday, April 18.

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