Protecting yourself from Technical Support Phone Scams

Often when using the internet we see popups. Popups are something that all of us have dealt with for a long time; however, every once in a while we will see a popup that is instructing us to contact someone for assistance. These are known as Technical Support Phone Scams and they can be very detrimental to you and your sensitive information.

Below are just a few examples of how a Technical Support Phone Scam could appear on your computer or in your internet browser. If you are experiencing a Technical Support Phone Scam, please contact the service desk at 984-974-4357 for immediate assistance. (Click to enlarge images.)


As you can see, these alerts are designed to scare you into contacting the listed number. If you were to call the number on a Technical Support Phone Scam alert you would be happily greeted by a malicious individual claiming to be someone whom they are not. In many cases this person will say they are a support technician for a well-known company such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, HP, IBM, etc. This person has the intention of manipulating you into divulging sensitive information and/or gaining access to your computer remotely.  

Once on the phone Technical Support Phone Scammers often times go after the following information:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit card information / Bank account information
  • Login / Account Information
  • Personal information
  • Etc.

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