Phlebotomy Services for Research Blood Draws at UNC Medical Center

Did you know that UNC Medical Center offers phlebotomy services for all IRB-approved research studies?

When a research participant needs blood drawn for the purposes of a research study, one convenient option is to bring the participant to a phlebotomy station located within UNC Medical Center to have the samples collected (this includes clinical labs and tubes of blood for research purposes only).  

There is a minimal cost to use the phlebotomy services to perform the “research” blood draw; and this cost is passed on to the research study. To use UNC Medical Center phlebotomy services, a research participant must be a registered patient with a medical record number at UNC Health Care. 

A policy has been developed and is now in place to help everyone to better understand the process where UNC Medical Center works with UNC researchers to our patient’s benefit when it comes to research blood draws. 

Please read and share the process overview to utilize Phlebotomy Services for Research blood draws at UNC Medical Center. 

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