Summer volunteers go behind the scenes at Hillsborough Hospital

Hillsborough Hospital volunteer coordinator Jodie Skoff said that the number one thing UNC Medical Center summer volunteers wanted to learn during their experience was, "How does a hospital work?" They found out last week in Hillsborough.

Summer volunteers go behind the scenes at Hillsborough Hospital click to enlarge Summer volunteers went behind the scenes at the Hillsborough Hospital
Summer volunteers go behind the scenes at Hillsborough Hospital click to enlarge Summer volunteers learn about Inpatient Pharmacy with Matt Lamm

Each summer Volunteer Services at UNC Medical Center accepts high-achieving Triangle-area teens into its summer volunteer program. Last week, Volunteer Services and health care professionals and personnel at the Hillsborough Hospital collaborated to provide this summer's volunteers with an unforgettable experience, taking them behind the scenes at the new facility. Together, on tours led by Jodie Skoff and Monica Oliver, they explored:

  • Emergency Department and Air Care with Gigi Dube-Clark
  • Kitchen with Lori Brown
  • RN Unit/Critical Care Unit with Christine Martin
  • Pharmacy Inpatient with Matt Lamm
  • Radiology with Eve Pederson
  • Learned about Nights in the ER with Stephanie Bohling and Megan O’Connor
  • Surgery Services with Stephanie Bohling, Jennifer Short, Karen Health, Jessica Potts
  • Plant Engineering with  Alan Pennington
Here's what the volunteers had to say when the day was over:
  • Allison Widderich: "I enjoy exploring and learning about different professions throughout the hospital, my favorite part was the surgical wing."
  • Natalya Moreno: "Educational yet entertaining. I feel like I really know the Hillsborough hospital now."
  • Maddy Terry: "Behind the scenes, at Hillsborough Hospital, really gave me a chance to see the building blocks and every aspect of the hospital. Great experience!"
  • Euna Cho: From morning to afternoon, we visited various sections including the ED and the radiology department. I enjoyed the unique experience of observing each department, where everyone diligently worked to fulfill their duties. Not only that, but those whom we encountered, mostly doctors and nurses, enthusiastically explained their jobs to us, which course of education would be the best to participate in that field, and showed us interesting techniques. Watching the organs and skeletons inside a human body through a CT scan photo was one of the most impressive activities. In the end, I became grateful for this educational event because I felt I was taking part in helping others with the healthcare professionals."