Code Sepsis team recognizes 'Sepsis Stars' for quick response to septic patient

The Code Sepsis team is grateful to this month's 'Sepsis Stars' for the recent timely recognition of a septic patient on 3 West and the quick implementation of the entire care bundle on behalf of the patient. Thank you, Sepsis Stars, for striving to improve patient care through participation in UNC Medical Center's sepsis initiative. Read more to learn about this case.

Code Sepsis team recognizes 'Sepsis Stars' for quick response to septic patient click to enlarge Code Sepsis

Recently, an Adult Rapid Response Team call became a Code Sepsis for a patient on 3 West. The nursing staff and doctors quickly recognized the need for a Code Sepsis and took the initiative to activate it. The doctors put in orders, and the patient's nurses demonstrated excellent recognition of the situation and acted appropriately.

"Thanks to their willingness to help and their amazing teamwork we were able to get the labs and blood cultures drawn and sent to the lab within 15 minutes, and the antibiotics were started minutes after that," said Maeve Cohen, of the Adult Rapid Response Team.

"The case serves as an example of how Code Sepsis works," said Dr. Tina Schade Willis, Associate Chief Medical Officer for Quality at UNC Hospitals. "Intuition led to a call to the Adult Rapid Response Team, which confirmed onset of sepsis."

The actions of the individuals in this case demonstrate how Code Sepsis is working to improve timely recognition of sepsis and quick implementation of the entire care bundle including a lactic acid, blood cultures, IV antibiotics, and IV fluids:

  • Dr. Evan Zeitler
  • Dr. Rimma Osipov
  • Karah Daniel, the patient's primary nurse
  • Matilda Tarimo and Roda Villaluz, nurses who charted and helped in the room 
  • Zach Proctor, nurse assistant who came to check the patient's blood sugar  
  • Patient transporter Demetrius Cook
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