UNC Medical Center Cashiering office closing for renovations

Beginning Aug. 11, the current UNC Medical Center Cashiering office will be closed for renovations. The Cashiering office will be operating from the Hillsborough location until renovations are complete.

During the renovation, the Hospital Police will assume responsibility of patient valuables at the Medical Center.  During this time the Cashiering office also asks that you have plenty of change available. 

A courier service will deliver petty cash funds to the Medical Center in the morning and afternoon Monday – Friday.  Please email change requests to cashiering@unchealth.unc.edu in order to facilitate receiving change funds promptly.  Once your email is received, your change request will be processed and delivered on the next delivery time from Hillsborough.  

In an emergency situation please call 984-974-0081 to facilitate an expedited delivery.  Please continue to place all bank deposits in the drop box outside the current cashiering office and the courier will deliver these to the Cashiering office for processing.  The Hillsborough Cashiering office will also be closed daily from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. for lunch.