Vocera Tips

What's the simplest way to make a call or record a voice reminder? Find out here.

To make a call:

  • Press the call button
  • Use the voice command “Call” and then specify the person to dial using either their first and last name, or “first name in _____ department.”
    • For Example: “Call John Smith” or “Call John in 7 East.”
      • If you use someone’s first and last name, you DO NOT need to say the department.
      • If you reference the department, make sure you use the word “in” as part of your voice command. 
      • Make sure you always press the “Call” button when finished to end your call

 To record a Voice reminder (ex. to turn a patient, or for PRN pain medication reassessment):

  • Create a reminder for yourself: Use the command “Record a Voice Reminder”
  • Create a Voice Reminder for one person or up to three people: Use the command “Record a voce reminder for___________” (first and last name).
  • If necessary, you can set the frequency and duration of a reminder by adding the phrases below to your commands:
    • Specific Time: “…at 4 p.m. today”
    • Relative Time: “…15 minutes from now”
    • Recurring Time: “…every 30 minutes for the next two hours”
      • For recurring reminders, the minimum duration is five minutes and the maximum is 24 hours.
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