Schedulers/Supervisors/Managers: Change to 'Provider' and 'Provider Emergency Medical Care' Cancellation Reasons

To align Epic@UNC cancellation workflows with the Care Access Provider Bump Policy, two cancellation options changed effective Oct. 24, 2017.

  • Schedulers should select “Bump – Provider” when a provider requests to cancel patient appointments that have been scheduled for an upcoming clinic day, regardless of timeframe. This may be due to personal needs, conferences or meetings. 
  • Schedulers should select “Bump – Provider Emergency Medical Care” when patients are rescheduled due to urgent or emergent patient care needs.
  • In accordance with the Care Access Bump Policy, a provider-initiated cancellation is only considered a Bump when the cancellation occurs within 30 days of the visit
  • Selecting “Bump – Provider” and “Bump – Provider Emergency Medical Care" outside the 30 day timeframe will not impact the Bump Rate.