Registering your license to your parking pass

Last week, a notice was distributed reminding employees to register their vehicle license plates to the their parking pass. Please find more information here on how to access the online portal to register you license or confirm that you have already done so.

In accordance with the Ordinance Regulating Traffic and Parking on the Campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Article IV: Sec. 4-1 ) all parking permit applicants are required to provide an accurate license plate number for each vehicle displaying a parking permit. (More than one license plate may be registered to the same vehicle.)

Please access the online portal via your ONYEN  or PID to ensure your permit is accurately registered to your license plate or plates.

Registering your plate to your permit is beneficial to you in many ways, including enabling you to be contacted about:

  • planned parking restrictions for your permit area.
  • construction impacts to roadways near your permit area.
  • emergency impacts to your parking location.

For more information, please contact the UNC Hospitals Transportation Office at 984-974-1031 or