Effective Communications with Hearing, Sight, or Speech Impaired Patients and Their Families

It is the policy of UNC Health Care to provide effective oral and written communications for individuals with disabilities. If necessary to afford access to information and services provided by UNC Medical Center (such as visit summaries, educational information, bills, etc.), the Medical Center must provide appropriate “auxiliary aids and services” to the individual.

With respect to hearing impaired individuals, auxiliary aids and services may include a qualified sign language interpreter, assistive listening devices, and closed captioning devices. With respect to sight impaired individuals, auxiliary aids and services may include recorded texts, Braille, and large print documents.  Individual needs and requests will vary, and it is our obligation to work with the patient to reasonably accommodate those needs.

Please remember to contact Patient Relations at (984) 974-5006 or patient.relations@unchealth.unc.edu for assistance if you are unable to accommodate an individual’s request for auxiliary aids or services or have questions about how to access those resources.