Plant Engineering Gets Pediatric Patients Involved with the Construction

As part of the 5 Children’s Protective Environment Renovations, Plant Engineering distributed construction-themed toys (hard hats, construction safety vests, and construction tools) on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floors of NC Children’s Hospital.

Plant Engineering Gets Pediatric Patients Involved with the Construction click to enlarge Patient Juniper Battles suits up with a little help from her mom.

Plant Engineering used this as an opportunity to explain to the parents, visitors, and patients why they were experiencing the construction disruptions and what they can expect during the construction activities. 

To help patients and their parents better understand the disruptions, Cleo Robinson, Plant Engineering project manager, Plant Engineering Director Pat Wall, and Associate Director of Design & Construction Steve Trimberger hit upon the idea of letting patients join in on the action by providing them with hard hats, vests and tools.

 "We knew that it wouldn't be feasible to relocate these patients during the construction disruption," explains Robinson, "so we came up with the idea of including them. We can't mask the noise, so let's make it fun. This also provided us with the opportunity to educate patients and their families about the project. "

Plant Engineering invited patients to use theirs tools, safety vest, and hard hat to become a part of the construction renovations (from their patient rooms) at UNC Hospitals.

"When these kids leave UNC Hospitals, we wanted them to remember the construction activities as a fun part of their stay rather than as a disruption, and the construction toys allow them to hammer, bang and be as loud as they want because they are part of the construction," says Robinson.

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