Providers: Two New 'Close the Loop' referral letters have been added

To assist providers, Care Access & Service Integration (CASI), in collaboration with Information Services Division (ISD), have added two new ‘Close the Loop’ referral letters, to help ensure referrals get to the intended location follow-up process when a clinic/service refers to an inactive department.

What was added?

-Letter for ‘OUTGOING Referral with no specified referred to department sent from ED or INPT unit’

  • This is a letter that notifies the provided that this referral order needs to be scheduled by the patient or coordinated by someone directly involved in the patient’s care.

-Letter for ‘INTERNAL Referral to an inactivated department’

  • This is a letter that will notify the Referring Provider that they have sent a referral to a department that is no longer active, therefore, no longer able to receive referrals.
    • The provider will be notified that they should delete this order from their preference list and reorder using the order composer
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